Rodborough Parish Church

Home Communion

The Anglican Church has a short service for those who are at home and unable to join the Church community on a Sunday.

Many but not all who receive Home Communion are elderly people. From St Mary Magdalene, a pair of well known church people will often come to your home to bring Communion.  Usually but not always one of the pair will be the Vicar. Our team who bring Home Communion are drawn from those who distribute Communion at church and have the Bishops authority to do so.

We offer times on the last Tuesday and Thursday mornings of each month for Home Communion, and one of the team will ring on the day before to confirm that the planned day and time is still a good time to visit.

It may be that you have a neighbour or a friend who would like to join us for the service. It lasts about 15mins and we have time as well to chat and bring news of the Church community. Many have found the time a great blessing.

To arrange for Home Communion, get someone to contact the church warden for you.