Rodborough Parish Church


The death of a loved one is one of the hardest things we have to bear as humans. The Church can offer you its love and support through a difficult time. In some cases you may know that a loved one is approaching the time of death if you would like the Vicar to visit to pray with them and bless them then do contact me. For others terminal illness may mean that they would like to sort their own funeral out or just talk about the situation again simply contact us.

Funeral arrangements are made through the Funeral Director who will contact the Vicar to confirm the funeral arrangements. A meeting with the Vicar will allow you to talk through the kind of service you would like. It is both a time of sadness and often a celebration of the life of your dear one. 

The Churchyard is now closed so we can offer only the Burial of Ashes but the grounds are beautiful and the Remembrance Garden is a fitting place to stand or sit and remember loved ones or leave flowers. 

There is an annual service in memory of loved ones and you will receive an invitation to join us and to have your loved ones name called out.  It is held at the end of October or beginning of November at All Saintstide. All are welcome to come and remember those they have loved but see no more.